Q. Where do classes take place

A. At our state of the art dance studio, in Letterkenny Co. Donegal  

Q. How do I get in contact? 

A. The best way to contact us is by email at hello@zonadanceco.com

Q.  What age do your classes start from?

A. Ballet age 3+, Contemporary age 6+, Acro age 6+, Jazz age 6+, Yoga & Pilates for 13+

Q. What classes do you have for adults and can a beginner start?

A. We offer Ballet, Contemporary Dance, Jazz Dance, Yoga and Pilates for Adults, each class is suitable for complete beginners

Q. When can I register for classes? 

A. Online registration for returning students opens 16th August, 2021 

      In studio registration will be held on 28th August from 12-2pm 

Q. When do classes begin this year? 

A. All Classes begin 6th September 2021, all class term dates and holidays can be seen here 

Q. What do I wear to classes and how do I order dance clothing?

A. Each class for children and teens has an assigned uniform. We have a collaboration with a dance clothing provider that will deliver straight to your home and can be ordered through our website.

Q. I’ve heard that dance clothing runs small, how do I know what size to order?

A. Most leotards run small, there is a sizing chart with measurements that can be used for all items on the ordering page, but if in doubt order a size up. 

Q. What do adults wear to class? 

A. For all classes (including dance and yoga/Pilates) leggings and a fitted sport top are best. But the most important thing is that you are comfortable and can move freely. 

Q. How much do classes cost? 

A. All our classes are run on a 6 week term basis for fees. Each classes base rate is €55 per term for one 50 min class per week. There is a 10% discount for each additional class/hours. 

Q. Is there a per class rate?

A. Only adult classes are offered a per class rate of €10 per class or adults can avail of a discount if they pay per term. 

Q. Where can I find out how much my classes will be if I take multiple hours/classes per week?

A. Our ZDC handbook will be emailed to you at the time of registration with all the pricing details. Alternatively you can log in to your DSM (Dance Studio Manager) account to check classes you are registered in and fees balance

Q. How do I log in to my Dance Studio Manager (DSM) account. 

A. Click here for the link to login, your login account name is your email address and you may need to change the password by following the link to change password. 

Q. What if I want to start classes in the middle of a term, should I wait for the next term to begin?

A. No, all our terms are payment terms, our academic work progresses from Sept – June, if you wait til the next term you may miss out on some wonderful fun. We will pro-rate the term fees to reflect when you begin your first class. 

Q. Is there a registration fee?

A. There is an annual €15 per family for children and teens classes

Q. How long is each class? 

A. Due to social distancing each class is 50min sessions to allow cleaning between classes. Some classes are slightly longer and are listed on our timetable. 

Q. When does my childs class start to meet more than once per week? 

A. Ballet begins to meet twice per week at Grade 2 and above. The Royal Academy of dance has a minimum per annum to achieve the standard for grade. 

Q. If my child’s class meets twice a week but I’m only able to attend once a week, can we still register? 

A. Yes, but they will not be eligible to take exams , you will need to specify at registration the day you’d like to attend, but it is highly recommended they attend all sessions. 

Q. If I miss a class, can a attend a make-up session?

A. Yes, we do not offer refunds for missed classes, but children are welcome to attend an alternate session to make-up for a missed class, you will need to speak to Jessica directly to be given a suitable classes session to attend.

Q. How often does Zona Dance offer exams?

A. Every 2 years exams are offered. 

Q. When will exams take place?

A. Spring and Summer Sessions in 2022

Q. Will there be a show? 

A. Each year we offer ALL our students the opportunity for live performances, the current regulations will dictate the next time a show will be possible. Our goal is June 2022.