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RISK ASSESSMENT June 2020 Assessed by: Jessica Peoples

Activities usually carried out:

Dance Classes: Acro Dance, Ballet/Pointe, Jazz/Tap, Contemporary, Pilates

Tours: Performance outside the studio in Festival with The Youth Ensemble

Hazard Description

Persons exposed

Risk Control Measures Currently in Place

Risk Level Additional Action Required Action complete


Unsuitable flooring e.g. uneven or slippery or hazards on floor.

Can cause: Slips, trips, falls,

broken bones, head

injuries, sprained



& Teachers Dance teachers will check the state of the flooring for any wears, tears or dangers before any activity is started. All hazards moved from training area e.g. water bottles before commencement of dancing.

All spills to be cleaned up immediately.

Personal effects to be kept well clear of dance area (no bottles or food allowed, etc). See full information in Studio Guidelines.


Injury Students

& Teachers Dance Teachers will ensure that she/he is properly warmed up and that he/she provides a proper warm up to students.

Any lift and AcroDance activities must be supervised at all time by accredited dance teacher. AcroDance activities only with mats available.

Students must wear their dance shoes in class.


Exhaustion. Can cause fainting, slips, trips,

falls Students

& Teachers Make sure that students have time for a break between performances or classes.


Temperature of the room Students

& Teachers Taking into account the temperature and having a longer warm up to accommodate colder spaces. Ask for heating to be adjusted accordingly if needed.


Jewellery / long nails – causing injury to the wearer.


& Teachers All jewellery is to be removed but if not possible, taped over. Nails must be shorter than fingers.

At the start of each class, students and teachers are responsible to do that check


Electric shocks from equipment Students, teachers, visitors Only trained and competent persons to use specific equipment.

Staff monitors that water and drinks are not stored on or near to

electrical equipment. Medium



& Teachers Students encouraged to drink water to prevent dehydration. Students have a 5mins break in middle of class Low

Food allergies Students & Teachers When students register, parents must highlight any health issues.

At all time there is a staff member First Aid trained.

Emergency contacts are available at the reception area


Anti-social behaviour Students & teachers

All students and staff members by registering or working for Zona Dance have agreed to the code of conduct and all policies in place. Low

Assault / medical emergency Students

& teachers All students have been asked to declare medical conditions when joining the company.

At all time there is a staff member First Aid trained.

Emergency contacts are available at the reception area

Staff members will have rolls sheets for class available with emergency contact numbers of parents

Staff members are aware that an accident report form must be completed and submitted to Jessica Peoples in the event of an accident.

The company has insurance in place. Low

Physical, verbal or sexual

abuse by a staff member Students All Staff members are recruited under our internal recruitment procedures and must be vetted every year. They undertake an induction and are trained regarding our internal Child Protection and Vulnerable Adults Policy. They must strictly follow our Code of Conduct guidance.

A designated liaison person and a Deputy designated liaison are in place (See Child Protection and Vulnerable Adults Policy)

Staff members are instructed not to be alone with any young person at any time and should always seek assistance if a situation arises. Low

Fire at the studio Visitors, Students

& Teachers In case of a fire emergency all teachers have a clear understanding of procedures to follow. If you discover a fire they should:

- Activate the fire alarm

- If there is a reasonable hope of extinguishing the blaze, attack the fire immediately.

- Do not under any circumstances, expose yourself to danger.

- Leave the building by the nearest fire exit and proceed to your designated assembly point.

- Switch off any equipment under your control and leave the building by the nearest fire exit.

- Do not stop to collect personal belongings.

- Once outside, do not enter the building until you are told it is safe to do so.

Company has insurance in place


Pandemic Covid19 Visitors, students & teachers An update of the Health & Safety policy in place is available with a focus on procedures to follow to reduce spread of virus (See documents SPECIFIC HEALTH & SAFETY PROCEDURES FOR COVID19)

Main measures in place are:

• We have taken and trained all staff in Cleaning Skills for Covid-19.

• Our studio is deep cleaned several times during the day and at the opening and closing. Classes are timetabled to allow cleaning between classes

• Hand washing station and sanitation are available

• We implement distancing measures within the studio. Class sizes and numbers are limited to 15 to account for 2 meters distance. We have a system of distancing in place to allow footfall traffic within the studio reception and studio to maintain social distance spacing

• Reception area will be reopened but we will allow only one parent at a time to come at the reception. Other parents will be asked to queue outside.

• HSE covid19 posters are in place within the studio

• We follow the government regulations to reopen our space

• The following procedures might be updated in the future in line with new government regulations High To be updated in line with new Government regulations when needed

Issues specific to tours Students & Students When some of the company activities are planned outside the studio (festival, etc), Health & safety rules will apply. A parental consent will be required for children and young people to participate in the activities. If transport is not managed by the parents, professional accredited companies will be hired. Children and young people will be supervised at all time by staff member of the company. In case of accident a First Aid staff member will be available to deliver first aid, first aid box will be carried at all time, emergency numbers will be available. Low

For the purpose of this risk assessment, the following definitions shall be used:

Hazard – The potential for harm or injury arising from an activity including the use of tools or methods needed to carry out that activity

Risk – The likelihood of harm or injury occurring due to that hazard


Low Can be performed unsupervised following basic training

Medium Can be performed with supervision following training

High Must be qualified and trained; special supervision arrangements must be made

Very High Requires specialist expertise, do not proceed with activity